Rencontre avec la jeune et très prometteuse percussionniste française Adélaïde Ferrière qui revient sur son parcours, ses choix de répertoire et un début de carrière florissant comme soliste.
Bachtrack, Nicolas Mathieu, February 2021
La transcription pour marimba du Caprice n° 24, de Paganini, avec Adélaïde Ferrière est exceptionnelle aussi.
Anne Sinclair, Interview for Le Figaro by Isabelle Mermin, November 2020
Tous impressionnés par la virtuosité d’Adélaïde Ferrière et son marimba sur le “Caprice n°24” de Paganini
Le Parisien, Sylvain Merle, November 2020
Adélaïde Ferrière is a phenomenon. She moves with the flexibility of a ballerina, reaches her target as surely as an Amazon and captivates like a magician with multiple wands.
Le Monde, Pierre Gervasoni, August 2020
Adélaïde Ferrière, impactful at the Seine Musicale (…) The Youg Lady embodies the percussion arrival at the forefront of classical music
Le Figaro Culture, December 2017, (full article)
Adélaïde Ferrière, the stunning percussionist (…) She’s the Instrumental Revelation of the year of the last “Victoires de la Musique Classique”. Adélaïde Ferrière, 20 years old, knows how to handle chopsticks with impressive agility (…) She makes her marimba ring with a great expressivity
Télérama, March 2017
12 Rising Stars : They are named Alexandre Kantorov, Daniel Lozakovich, Bruno Philippe, Adélaïde Ferrière… This new generation of young performers, blend of virtuosity and sensibility, have already appeared on stages from all over the world (…) Her dexterity, choreographic grace, and astonishing control captivate (…) At the age of 21, the future is on her side
Classica, May 2018
Let’s guarantee that after a few competitions and concerts, we well hear from Adélaïde Ferrièreagain, who, in turn, aims to contribute exposing the percussion under the spotlights
Diapason, November 2016
Adélaïde gives a dazzling testimony of her technical mastery on the Concertino for Marimba by Paul Creston (…) The performer youth, the vivacity with wich she evolves around her instrument, her grace…
ResMusica, February 2018, (full article)
Adélaïde Ferrière, classical percussion star (…) Classical percussion suffers from a lack of incarnation, which could quickly fill up thanks to two talented and media figures. The Austrian Martin Grubinger, 36, and the Frenchwoman Adélaïde Ferrière both embody the next generation
Nicolas Gaumont, Radio Classique, March 2020
Quelle expressivité dans son jeu, quelle finesse dans celle-ci et quel charme! Toutes les plus infimes inflexions y sont! Tous les registres de son instrument sont mis à contribution, avec une virtuosité sidérante
Classique News, Jany Campello - November 2019, (full article)
Adélaïde displayed the best of her talent (…) an amazing concert that pleased hundreds of spectators who came to listen to her (…) A unique moment
L’ Yonne Républicaine, July 2019
Adélaïde Ferrière transcended during two hours the concert hall, in a special concert, greeted by an unending row of applause
Le Dauphiné Libéré, July 2019
A large number of music lovers, dedicated an ovation to the young percussionist for her remarkable interpretation
Le Journal de Saône et Loire, June 2019
She opened the hallway of time, and gave an enchanting break
L'Est Républicain, June 2019
A marvel, at the beginning, with two pieces of Iannis Xenakis, : Rebonds, a stupendous interpretation by Adélaïde Ferrière who held the audience spellbound during these solos, pures rythms, that multiplies until the final firework
Ouest-France, April 2019
The quality of the unmatched musician performance was greeted by a an admirative standing ovation. Needless to be a fine connoisseur to recognise in Adélaïde Ferrière an exceptional virtuoso.
La Nouvelle République, March 2019
Adélaïde blown away the audience by highlighting the whole musicalilty of her marimba
Le journal de Saône et Loire, March 2019
With Adélaïde, in her music genre, you reach the perfection !
L'informateur de Bourgogne, March 2019
Adélaïde has amazed the audience with an outstanding dexterity and absolute mastery of the instrument. Each piece played is a delight
Haute-Gironde, January 2019
Les deux percussionnistes passent d’un type d’instrument à l’autre en un ballet fascinant et se répondent également avec un son tout en minéralité, qui vient encore appuyer la sensation de danger
Toute La Culture, February 2019
A great and young artist mind-blowing and unique
Sud Ouest, January 2019
Finally, we should mention Adélaïde Ferrière on the percussion, always with perfect clarity, for which the score is obviously essential to the piece dynamic
ConcertoNet, April 2018
The young musician, parisian for a couple of years, come back home for a mind-blowing demonstration of her fetish instrument : the marimba
Le Bien Public, January 2018
Among them was the very impressive Adélaïde Ferrière » « It was followed by a performance of the famous« La Danse des Sauvages »,(…) exclusively executed by Adélaïde Ferrière : a particularely strong moment of the concert. The Young woman, airy, and exceptionally gifted of a great dexterity with her instrument, …
TouteLaCulture, November 2017, (full article)
Mesmerizing Adélaïde Ferrière (…) The Young Female’s mallets whirled on her marimba bars with inconspicuous energy
Nice-Matin, September 2017
Spellbound of this young artist, at the end of a concert, everyone was standing, and thunderous applause resounded in the church recognizing Adélaïde Ferrière’s talent
L'Indépendant, August 2017, (full article)
Young soloist’s outstanding concert (…) The spectators came to discover this young percussionist who masterfully performed the Bach Toccata, Piazzolla’s Libertango, or Rebonds by Iannis Xénakis
La Provence, July 2017, (full article)
Dijon : Adelaïde Ferrière a été sacrée “Révélation” aux Victoires de la musique classique
France Info / FR3 - February 2017, (full article)
Adélaïde Ferrière, percussionniste, révélation des Victoires de la Musique Classique 2017
France-Musique - January 2017, (full article)
Victoires de la musique classique: Qui sont les jeunes qui se consacrent à une «musique de vieux»?
20 Minutes - January 2017, (full article)
Adelaïde Ferrière, un talent récompensé. Agée de 20 ans, Adélaïde Ferrière est une surdouée de sa discipline.
Bien Public - February 2017, (full article)
A beautiful sequence during the first broadcast of « Young performer’s generation » (…) The fineness with which the percussion intensity is masterized is impressive (…) Visiting Adélaïde Ferrière’s website is necessary (…) As a young virtuoso artist, nothing is given to the amateurism
Regards sur France Culture, September 2016
We passionately love (…) An impressive virtuosity, playing with 2 or 4 mallets (…) Young talent to follow
Télérama, August 2016, (full article)